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Willing to review blasphemy law: CII Chief Sherani


ISLAMABAD: Mohammad Khan Sherani, head of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), on Thursday said he is willing to review blasphemy laws.


CII chief told Reuters he was will to reopen the debate and observe whether sentences are strict or fair.

“The government of Pakistan should officially, at the government level, refer the law on committing blasphemy to the Council of Islamic Ideology. There is a lot of difference of opinion among the clergy on this issue,” Sherani said


“Then the council can seriously consider things and give its recommendation of whether it needs to stay the same or if it needs to be hardened or if it needs to be softened,” CII chief added.

Under the Blasphemy laws , convict can be granted minimum 1 year of  imprisonment and maximum award can be death plenty.

From time to time, blasphemy laws came under the discussion of liberals in Pakistan, but every time it is very hard to initiate the debate on  sensitive matter. Sitting governor Punjab Salman Taseer was shot  dead by his own guard alleging the deceased of committed blasphemy.


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