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What going to be happened in 90 days in Pakistan? Faisal Raza Abidi predicted


Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Faisal Raza Abidi claims that a war all the Royal Families in Arab will be under attack by Daish and ISI within 90 days.


The party president of Karachi Division said during a debate on a TV talk show that the biggest robbery in the history of the world will be transported from Afghanistan through Karachi.

“All these incidents will be happened here, and will are the real background of all this,” Abidi asserted.

He also said that he will expose in the future that how much and what have been looted from Afghanistan. “There will be transported Gold, Silver, Sulphate, Platinum, ect. and all the minerals that have been robbed from Afghanistan will be transported”, Abidi added.


He said that the rout is Karachi where the conflict will be raised upon on to which transporting system should all these material be transported.

“If trucks are to be used for this purpose, JUI will attack the army followed by ANP’s attack. And when the political structure about to be broken, then PTI will be flowing and stand by the side of these parties,” Raza Abidi asserted.

He claimed that all these parties will be united since the opposite to democracy is martial law.

He requested that let it be happened because it will save the country.

Here is the video:

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