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Uniform prayer timings to be implemented in Islamabad from May 1


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minster for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf announced that federal capital Islamabad will have uniform prayer timings and this will be implemented from May 1.


The Ministry of Religious Affairs was working for the implementation of this strategy from past several months.

Implementation of uniform prayer timing in Islamabad was announced by Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Khalid al Ghamdi on his visit to Pakistan on April 23.

“There were some meetings yet to take place but the decision of introducing the system earlier has been taken keeping in view Imam-e-Kaaba’s visit to Pakistan,” a senior ministry official told.


According to the sources after the successful implementation of this strategy in federal capital, this would be further implemented across the whole country.

An analyst told that implementation of uniform prayer timing in Islamabad is to possess unity and brotherhood among the citizens from different sect.

Agreement on this implementation was made under supervision of Sardar Yousuf on April 16, when members from different sects were called for a meeting and agreed on implementing this strategy in Islamabad. Members from Braelvi, Deobandi, Shia and Ahle Hadith participated in the meeting.

This implementation is to start from Friday prayers in Faisal mosque from May 1, President Mamnoon Hussain will also be over there.


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