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U.S. fund to Pakistan again links to Dr. Afridi’s release: Congress Suggestion


WASHINGTON: American Congress has again pressurized Obama’s administration to revoke the fund of $33 million for Pakistan, established under Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF), until the freedom of Dr. Shakeel Afridi by Pakistani Government, as mentioned in the ‘Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 of U.S.’ released by the U.S. Department of State.


The U.S. Department of State proposed approximately $33 million assistance for Pakistan in the Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 under the Foreign Assistance Act, 1961 of U.S.

According to General Provision of Assistance (D & E) of Department of State and Other International Programs, “Funds appropriated by this Act under titles III and IV for assistance for Pakistan may be made available notwithstanding any other provision of law except for the sub section (E)”. Continue, sub section (E) states ” continue from section (D) Of the funds appropriated under titles III and IV of this Act that are made available for assistance for Pakistan, $33,000,000 shall be withheld from obligation until the Secretary of State reports to the Committees on Appropriations that “Dr. Shakil Afridi” has been released from prison and cleared of all charges relating to the assistance provided to the United States in locating Osama bin Laden.”


Dr. Shakil Afridi’s freedom condition is imposed on the funds appropriated by the Foreign Assistance Act, 1961 under titles III and IV for assistance of Pakistan that includes Foreign Military Financing Program, Economic Support Fund and Nonproliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining and Related Programs.

A member from California, Dana Rohrabacher commented, “America’s biggest friends are those who consider America’s enemy, their enemy.” He added, “A person who helped America in tracing Osama Bin Laden is held in jail in Pakistan. Despite this the administration wants to give this country funds, who slapped us by keeping Afridi in jail.”

Kerry replied,  “the matter was raised before former president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari and current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that keeping Afridi in jail is an injustice and against principles of the US which the country upholds.”

Afridi, who is considered a hero in US for his role in the May 2011 SEAL Team 6 raid that killed Al Qaeda Leader, has been sentenced to jail for 23 years for allegedly having links with terrorist groups.

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