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Two more are arrested in Farzana stoned case


Lahore: The Punjab Police arrested Farzana’s former husband and brother here on Wednesday following the case of her murder.


With this proceeding the total number of detained persons is increased to twelve.

The case was registered by her husband against 28 persons including Farzana’s family members. To taking the actions, the Punjab Police have arrested twelve accused after the investigation which includes her former husband, father, a brother, an uncle, two cousins and several other relatives. However, the process of investigation is still being carried to arrest more suspects who were involved in the case.


It must be remembered that Farzana was stoned to death on 27 of last month over marrying in opposition to her family’s aspirations.

The Punjab government was ordered by the PM to take serious actions over this brutality. Moreover, the incident was also condemned on the global scale which occurred in broad daylight in front of the police.

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