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Tripping in powerhouse reduces production by 550MW


Lahore: The breakdown of five out of 10 units at Mangle Dam Powerhouse on Sunday resulted in 550MW less generation.


The problem occurred at about 1 am after the eruption of a fire in unit No 4 of the powerhouse, according to official sources. The fire, however, had been put out in about an hour by the Wapda staff, but the fault in unit No 4 resulted in tripping of four other units.

Further he said that by 12 noon the supply of 300MW to the national grid were made possible after the staff succeeded in making three units functioned which, ultimately, reduced the shortfall to 3,550MW.


Moreover, he told that the distribution companies are compelled to implement a load shedding schedule of six to nine hours across the country due to the tripping of five units.

In the light of a report by the National Transmission and Dispatch Company, the total demand at 10 am was 16,900MW, however, 13,350MW was available.

Although, the total production included 46,50MW, 1,650MW and 7,050MW supplied to the national grid by hydel projects, thermal plants and independent power producers.


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