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Top MQM stalwarts have connections with RAW: SSP Malir


KARACHI: SSP Malir Rao Anwar alleged on Thursday that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) develops secret connections with India’s intelligence agency RAW.


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Presenting two terrorists who allegedly maintained connections with MQM, SSP Rao stated that MQM was actively working against Pakistan.

“Key MQM leaders have connections with RAW,” he said, adding that the detained MQM activists had received training from India’s intelligence agency RAW.

The SSP said he had testimony supporting his statements, including their passports and their statements.

“MQM workers from every sector go to India for training via Bangkok,” he added.


“They confessed and said they were ashamed for betraying their country,” he said. A subedar named Ram trained them,” he added.

Giving recommendations, the SSP said the MWM should be banned in Pakistan.

“They are not a political party but a terrorist party,” he expressed.

Talking to media with concealed face, one of the detained terrorists admitted that he fled to Bangkok after the 1992 operation against the party.

“From Bangkok we were asked to fly to India where we received weapons training and then through Azad Kashmir we came to Lahore,” the terrorist revealed, adding that he belonged to the MQM.

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