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‘To die, to sleep’: Guy kills himself following gun-firing girlfriend


A young guy opened fire at a girl, reportedly his girl-friend, and shot himself as well in Islamabad on Thursday.


Initial reports say, the deceased girl had come for test in private medical college where she was shot by a young boy who committed suicide afterwards.

Both the injured were shifted to nearby hospital, where girl and the boy succumbed to their injuries and expired before the start of treatment. According to police officials, the incident took place in Social Security Hospital, in the city of federal capital.


As far the real reason behind the harsh step taken by the guy, no reports are there to explain the reason why he did it.

Earlier, a same sort of incident took place in Karachi where a teenage-boy did the same in a school; however, it was a mutually planned suicide as both were desperate lovers but were not given permission from their parental side.

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  1. It is requested that some respect must be shown towards the deceased. There is no evidence nor any confirmation about the relationship between the two by the family or friends. So before putting any labels like ‘girlfriend’ try to get your story straight.
    It is highly appreciated.

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