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The terrorists will be crushed down


Islamabad: The federal government and the military leaders are greed to wipe out terrorism from the country and that certain steps will be taken to ensure the protection of the people and their commodities.


A meeting presided by the PM was held in which he was briefed about the attacks on Karachi airport; all the participants were agreed to take every possible move in order to find out the terrorists. The interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Army Chief General Raheel Shareef and other leaders participated in the Quorum.

The initial reports about Karachi airport assault were presented to the PM. At this occasion the PM declared that the innocent lives and the government liabilities will be protected and that the terrorists could not be ignored.

According to the media reports, the military and official high command is united against the counter-terrorism in the country and that the intelligence will be made stronger to meet the sudden requirements.


Moreover, the current scenario of Karachi, the recent terrorist attacks including the hotel assault in Taftan was also discussed during the session. The federal exterior minister submitted a report on the Karachi attacks after which the strategic planes were discussed to thwart such incidents. It is also decided in the quorum that the capabilities of airport security forces and other departments will be made more powerful to ensure the safety of the country.

The defense minister Khwaja Asif and DG ISI leftinent Gen.Zaheer ul Islam were absent in the quorum.

It was also speculated by the defense ministry that these terrorists’ attacks aimed to destroy the economy of the country and to cease the international airlines. According to the officials, the rangers who defended the Karachi airport attacks were appreciated and the martyrs were given honors during the meeting. It was also declared that such attacks would not be tolerated next time.

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