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Terrorist’s attacks are to be stopped from Afghanistan: Foreign office


ISLAMABAD: The spokesperson of Foreign Minister Tasnim Aslam asked Afghanistan to stop terrorist activities from its land.


During a weekly briefing to media, Tasnim Aslam revealed that Pakistan will never let its territory to be used against any other country; hence, Afghanistan ought to thwart the attacks on Pakistan from its land.

She expressed that Pakistan is a well-wisher to Afghanistan and wishes to see peace and stability in its neighbor country.

Aslam said Pakistan welcome the “amicable resolution” reached over the complaints of fraud in the second round of Afghan presidential elections, adding that it appreciated the efforts of all those who contributed to the peaceful negotiated outcome.


“We believe this is the success of democracy,” said she.

As far as the conviction of Pakistani journalist Faizullah Khan in Afghanistan, Aslam said the Pakistani Ambassador in Kabul was actively pursuing the matter with Afghan authorities to secure the reporter’s salvation.

She also said that Pakistan severely condemns the attack on Kabul air port.

“We reiterate condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” the FO spokesperson said.

At a question on relations with India, she said Pakistan sought resolution of all disputes with India, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, through the dialogue process. However, she said, attaching any preconditions may not be very helpful.

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