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Sri Lanka cancels on-arrival visas for Pakistani


Islamabad: The Sri Lankan government has announced the cancellation of on-arrival visas for Pakistani visitors.


The Pakistanis are advised by the government to apply for visa before taking the flight.

According to the foreign minister, the decision is taken due to the rising issue of political asylum in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan newspaper said that 1,500 Pakistani refugees have been taken by Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration and the Criminal Investigation Department, and that these people are deported due to their alleged involvement in ‘anti-activists’ in India and Pakistan.


On the other hand, the Foreign Office showed no concerns over the matter and the spokesperson said, “These people [asylum seekers] obtained asylum in Sri Lanka by badmouthing Pakistan. If they are in trouble, I have no idea.”

Guidelines will soon be communicated by the Sri Lanka and it will be stated detailed travel requirements.

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