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Zaid Ali’s video got viral after Sonakshi Sinha tweeted


Pakistani-Canadian, who got fame by uploading self-made comic videos on social media, has recently got in the eyes of Bollywood soon after Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about one of his videos.


The very talented young Pakistani, Zaid Ali, is very popular for his Desi style videos in which he acts in a funny way performing both male and female simultaneously. And almost the same he did in this video where he has highlighted one of the most famous Bollywood dialogues in domestic situation.

Since the dialogue – Thappar sey dar nahi lagta Sab, Pyar sey lagta hai – which was delivered by Sonakshi Sinha in her debut file Dabbang with Salman Khan passed into the annals of classic Bollywood dialogues, is finally presented by Zaid Ali in his eccentric manner.

As the video depicts a daughter being slapped by her mother upon uttering the dialogue, the original beholder of this line could not help responding in a comic way.


Sonakhsi Sinha’s Tweet:

Snoaskhi rr

Original Dialogue:

Zaid Ali’s clip:

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