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Zaid Ali T famous video-maker is married or not ?, that was the question


WEB DESK: Well the personal life of any famous personality is not remain very personal, it is evident once again as the gossip is that  famous video maker Zaid Ali Tahir has tied the knots.


Story of the Zaid Ali’s marriage started when the photo surfaced and went instantly viral in social networking pages in which  Zaid can be seen in a traditional wedding costume with Sarah Sarfraz  ( an aspiring model), different news and social blogs claimed initially Zaid Ali Tahir got married with Sarah Sarfraz.














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Fans of Canadian-Pakistan vine-maker must have in complete shock after seeing these photos but don’t worry guys , explanation came from both of them and now one can safely say that it was a teaser or publicity stunt or misunderstanding , but why he uses relatively less known medium till the time to explain the situation, Zaid Ali tweets about the fact which is that these pictures are from the video which he was making today.


Sarah Sarfraz also explained the situation to clear the air which they have designed firstly, she said,  Zaid is exceptional human being but we are not getting married , those photos were of project which they were working on today. She also urged media not to make fake stories.


For all my fans who have been wondering whether I really have tied the knot with Zaid Ali – No! Zaid Ali is an exceptional human being and I am sure this would come as a surprise to him too the way media has taken this snapchat story. Zaid and I were working on one of his videos here in Lahore, which you will be able to see soon hopefully in which we wanted to project the image of a bride and groom, the reason for the getup. I have not gotten engaged / married and when I do, I would love to share my moments of happiness with all of you guys. I would also encourage the media not to make fake stories or rumours about anyone from the industry. If we want you to know something from our lives we would share them with you ourselves, tying the knot being one of them. Looking forward to how you guys find Zaid’s latest video!

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