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Why Rasheed Godil not protected by some guard? Dr Shahid Masood


Dr Shahid Masood said after analysing the CCTV Footage of Rasheed Godil attack said that one guy was there on the spot of incident who took him to hospital.


During a talk show on a TV channel, the famous analyst Dr Shahid Masood expressed his analytical views on the incident and also expressed gratitude that Rasheed Godil is out of danger.

“The Rasheed Godil incident is a sort of mystery that he was not accompanied by any security official,” said Masood.

He raised a question that ‘who knew on that day that if Maulana Fazal ur Rehman did not go to Nine Zero then Rasheed Godil’s vehicle would pass through that very road where the incident took place.


The analyst claimed that whoever did that crime must have known that Rasheed Godil would not be going to Nine Zero, which was why he was there, followed his car, and opened fires at it.

He said that the case of shooting Rasheed Godil is a mystery and it needs further investigation.

Earlier, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Rasheed Godil was attacked by unidentified attackers who followed him on their bikes. Subsequently, Rasheed Godil, a member of National Assembly, got critically wounded as he was hit by three bullets. However, after continuous treatment from the doctors, he got out of the danger and getting recovery.

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