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Where are Pro Indians? Shaan Shahid asks after Shiv Sena’s anti-Pakistan activities


When it is about national interests, there is always a patriotic voice that can’t hold his horses against every element affecting his country or anything in it.


This is what Shaan Shahid did as we could expect from this sort of person as he is known for his anti-India stance. As Shiv Sena’s activists have come out to oppose Pakistan and everything belongs to it openly, many Pakistani professionals busy in India have to leave India.

Following such incidents and coldness from all those known to have inclination towards working in India and are never found opposing India, it is Shaan Shahid who broke the silence and spoke out not against India but he asked those, who support India.

“Where are all the Pro Indian supporters? Can’t seem to find them on social media to comment on the ongoing Indian Shiv Sena attacks on Pakistan’s talent”, Shaan wrote on his Facebook status.



Giving explanation regarding borders between countries, the experienced actor/director Shaan said that now it will be known why there are borders and now ‘you will see them clearly’.

Meanwhile, number of Pakistani artists, sportsmen, officials etc. working in India have to leave following Shiv Sena’s threats. First it had got cancelled concerts of Ghulam Ali, The Mekaal Hasan Band, and Atif Aslams in India and then caused Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan to stop continuing their projects of Bollywood.

Now, Pakistani commentators and empire have to return to their country after Shiv Sena’s threats.

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