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‘Wedding cost in Pakistan’ top search report says


Cost-estimating service Fixer.com has generated attention-grabbing maps using Google’s auto-complete feature to find out cost obsessions across the world.


The maps highlights the most-Googled for object in each country, by means of the auto-complete system of ‘How much does * cost in [x country].” The outcomes are far from scientific because Google’s automate upshots differ on the basis of the searcher’s history, the time and place of search but they do come with insight on how certain countries are perceived.

The outcomes varied largely from place to place. In India, the cost of cows topped the search, while net users from Pakistan appeared overwhelmed by the cost of weddings.

It is interesting about Pakistan that is top in wedding searches. However, such searches are mostly done by those Pakistanis who live either abroad or interested in marrying Pakistani inhabitants. The reason behind this is that most of the Pakistanis are pretty aware about the stuff related to weddings in Pakistan.



In North America, people were greatly inclined in the cost of passports whereas beer and living options were the major concerns in South American nation. In Russia, ‘flying a MiG’ – a supersonic aircraft – seemed to be the top in common searching in the given criteria.europeaustraliaafricas american america

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