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We will break India into pieces: General Hamid Gul warns India


Lieutenant-General (R) Hamid Gul, the former Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has warned India again for interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan and maltreatment against Kashmiris.


Interviewing to a Pakistani news channel on April 17, 2015, Hamid Gul especially warned to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval, the former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer and current National Security Adviser to PM Narendra Modi, for making continuous threats and warnings to Pakistan.

There will be no friendship with India until the final solution of Maqbooza Jammu and Kashmir, he said this categorically. Thousands of Kashmiris have died through the indiscriminate use of force and torture, firing on demonstrations, custodial killings, encounters and detentions by the Indian Armed Forces. Rape also occurs during the crackdowns, he added.

In last of the interview, he openly threat the India and Indian Prime Minister. His words was, “Who is Narendra Modi? He is nothing in front of us. By God, we have all those resources, plans, and techniques that are sufficient to break India into pieces and we can.”


He also criticised Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for keeping soft heart for Indians. He strongly condemned Nawaz Sharif on his past statement in which Nawaz Sharif had said that the Wagah Border is just a line between two countries. You (Indians) and we (Pakistani) are same. Nothing is different between us.

Shabir Ahmad Shah, the founder and president of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP), was also called on for the interview. At the time of interview, he was internee. He said that we will struggle for Kashmir until its freedom. There is no kind of softness in our purpose.

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Tonight With Fareeha – 17th April 2015 by anees-malik

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  1. Aukaat bheekh maangney ki, apna ghar sambhal nahi raha.. Hindustan se takkar lene chalein hain 😀

    Ever since the partitions, these pakis are running around like headless chicken. Good.. your country’s economy even after boot licking 3-4 nations is nowhere. We on the other hands are doing pretty ‘ok’. So go and purchase chinese missile during their ‘buy 1, get 3’ clearance sale.. repaint them and name w.e you want.. India is going nowhere. pak on the other hand, is surely 3/4th in the gutter. Proof? This hamid is an insect from that gutter itself..

    • okay ? LOOOL our economy has increased a lot go google it and your country is spending millions of dollars on Rafales and what not mean while 600 million of your people dont have access to toilets .
      your women are raped
      your minorities are tortured
      So shut the fuck up and fix your damn state

      • shiva the destroyer

        actually idk where u read ur facts from…google again…even afghanistan will leave u behind in economic growth next year….yes I agree both nations have issues

      • Wow you really told us off.

        Thanks for your good advice on minorities and women. Perhaps you should start reading up on Children being abused in Pakistan. As for minorities … LOL, you don’t have minorities do you.

        We will fix our “damn” state 😉 and then we shall fix yours.

    • Take it easy man .. things are not that Bad with Pakistan. There are plenty of plus points in that country, sadly we get to hear only the voices of these frustrated helpless souls like Mr.Gul who take to media to vent their frustrations.

      Modi kaun hai? Oh he knows the answer very well.

  2. Lol Good luck with that…The last time you muslim tried that we broke your country into half in merely six days..

    • Last time was in 1970s – just go little back to 1999 and remember Kargil – we sent you 500 dead soldiers killed in dog’s death.

      • I am sorry are you forgetting the fact that we won Kargil? Forgot about the 1,000 of your deadline soldiers that your cowardice army didn’t even accepted?

  3. shiva the destroyer

    4 jaw breaking defeats haven’t taught them any lesson…..and manners neither

    • Indian history …
      What do they teach you at school in 1947 Pakistan had no part of Kashmir
      after the first war we had around 30% after the second war we had 40% and we still do and the only war we did lose was because of Bangladesh helping you and btw we only lost that war due to an incident within our ranks enough said

      • shiva the destroyer

        wow…another graduate from an abbottabad conspiracy school

        what bout 1999 war then?…oh ok…even if I m lying…what bout ur friend america? they r lying too? wikipedia is lying too? all I know is ur air force beat our airforce in 1965 war that’s it….other than that u haven’t won a war…enough said!

        • friend? LOL This just proves my point further the indian media has blinded you

          • shiva the destroyer

            in 1971 also u had their full support so its not a hidden fact
            plus no country’s govt whether democratic or not will ever expose all the facts to its citizens….chahe india ho ya US ya china ya pakistan

          • This just proof that ISI propagamda has blinded you

    • They are mental….they think they are some Babur or Ghori. Those rulers were clean blood of Mongols and Arabs races. These illegitimate children of Arabs and Turks. illegitimate slave blood is no match for a proud, divine & undefeated 100,000 yr Hindu civilization. That’s why they keep loosing.

  4. try karle MC Baakistani.

    Baluchi, Sindhi, Afghani aur Pashtuni hi tumhari gaand maar denge, humara unka rishta, tumare Baakistan banane ke hazaron saal purana hai.

  5. freedom-from-religion

    Bunch of posers. So much crocodile tears for Muslims in India while no qualms about China’s outright butchering of Uyghurs, or their own “crackdown” of Balochs (lets not even go into the East Pakistan genocide). Hypocrisy and dishonesty has become an essential trait of Pakistani psyche. At the very least, stop lying to yourselves ffs! India was most vulnerable in the 80’s and 90’s, and Pakistan backed terror outfits like LeT, JuD, JeM etc. made the most out of it, killing thousands of innocent civilians. But we’re well past that. As a country we only grew from strength to strength ever since. And thanks to Pakistan and its beloved foreign policy tool aka terrorism, our internal security infrastructure is 100 times better than in the 90s. For a change, why not care about your own country and people Mr. Hamid Gul?

  6. Hamid Gul is an old man living in his dreams of the past, where Pakistan and its jihadis beat the Russians in Afghanistan.

    He has no ground or say in matters of Pakistan, but he is good fun to watch – he and that joker Zaid Hamid. Really great for TV Ratings when you get these two in one show. Throw in Hafeez Sayeed and you have a wonderful show.

  7. LoL the baki the chuha knows his countries days like his are numbered. Bakistan will soon be Baluchistan, Bunjab , Bushtunishtan and Sindh.

  8. Pakistan has a golden opportunity to progress by foccusing on development due to China’s help.
    Peolple should not be guided the “LIGHT” of darkness as has been done in past by people like Hamid Gul.
    Hamid Gul is a relic and Pakistani nation should burrey his philoslpy and move on to a happy future

  9. Joker Gul is good entertainment. Only country that has broken is Pakistan in 1971 and if he does not wake up it may breakup further. He could not take one inch from India in 4 wars. Instead broke his nation.

    Nawaz is right, we are the same people with same language & culture.

    Jammu and Ladak won’t go with Pakistan and of Kashmir India only has a tiny 120 kms x 25 kms Kashmir valley. Almost all of the other Kashmir including Northern Areas is with Pakistan and some with China. Gul has wasted generation of hopes of talented Pakistani people to keep his Army in business using Kashmir.

    • we believe in 2 nation theory and we are not friends in any format. we are the people not want a fight with any other country or religion but if we want to something then we can do because we worship only ONE ALLAH not many others GOD. checkout your agency rank in the world. when you compete us then u talk about GUL…

      • You have been the country that is ranked number one for global terror. Allah has made you the poorest and most terror hit nation because you deserve it. Allah gave you nothing but defeats in all wars that you started. Only country that you compete with is Somalia. We are not even in your League. We compete with Japan, America, China, USA…not Somalia, Pakistan

        As for Allah, we also believe in one source of creation called “Para bhrahma”. Just like Army or Company has one head there is just one God. However an army or company has several managers or generals. We respect those generals or managers of the system. In religion we call them demigods. But the final force is ONE. That is all that we worship. Unlike you Dead People worshiping fools at Dargahs….that is hilarious

        However this debate we will have with Arabs who created Islam like we created Hinduism. Pakistanis did not create any religion they are just followers or slaves and treated a second class by Arabs.

        Leader communities like Arabs and Hindus don’t debate with slaves or followers. First start your own philosophy then we will talk. Till then keep washing Arab feet and worshiping whatever your Arab master tell you.

        If SSG and ISI are number one then what were they doing when we tore your country in to two? 80,000 pakistani so called number one soldiers kissed our superior Hindu feet BEGGING for liberation. General Niazi was crying.
        If you still don’t agree then are welcome to come take Kashmir from us in next 6 months and if you can take it we will all convert to Islam but if not then shut up and worship our and Arab feet.

        • whenever we try to overcome and take liberty to Kashmir from so cold india then india called USA or other country to help and stop Pakistan … we are Muslims and we are not born to defeat from anyone in this world except ALLAH wants then we defeat otherwise no one has ability to defeat Muslims.. we are not worship Arab we worship ALLAH and prophet MUHAMMAD.. Arab and others are also followers likes us. if Bangladesh supported Pakistan and not help india then it also a part of Pakistan.. you forgot what happened in 1965 when india thought he takeover Pakistan and then he ran away like a cat in front of lion.. why u lived in a dream like your older before we not kissed your feet even if we want then you kiss our feet in front of world..

          • You started and lost all wars. Your army fools you and you accept the bakwas they sell you. USA has been with you in all wars. Lion..LOL you country is broken in two and you did not kashmir that explains who won and who is the Lion.

            There has to be some brain to debate with a person. Debate cannot happen with a donkey. Keep believing your nonsense and kissing feets of Arabs. Good for you, you deserve it.

          • what we deserve we know but what you deserve you don’t know or we are not defeated.. why u forgot 1965 war when india lost and ceasefire. your media always gave u wrong information about the wars and you are the people who believe on your own media.. last thing i also talk with a donkey who are not accepted lost in the wars even the world media describe and talk about but the indians are not ready to accept lost in wars.. one of your politician said we cannot won the wars from pakistan.. soniya ghandi

  10. And yet we lost Bangladesh and are have no control over half our own territory. What a country of chootiyas.

  11. pakistan ki SSG world mein 1st number par ha…. pakistan ki intelligent agency ISI world mein 1st number par ha.. so cold moooodi and indians always forgot that they never ever won by pakistan… if you want war u know your powers and u should know muslim powers… i think u should watch PK movie… indians k tu lolll ho gae.. hahaha

  12. mr. gul why you always try to take dreams in the day light, if you will nuke india, what do you think we will send flowers in reponse, no you will nuke india with start then next whole the world have to change maps becouse one country will be eleminated and that is pakistan, so dont be animal like, think like a father,a brother,a son , a friend and a good citizen but dont be like a redical stupid. you will die no will cry but if people of india and pakistan will die wourld will cry.mr gul one thing i am not able to understand , you all pakistani millitary officers are born bastarred or are rediclasied against india after joining the army . hope you think about all human beings either of pakistan or of india and not about hate speechs.in hope you will be a good thinker right from the next moment.

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