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Waqar Zaka spreads giggles in Vegas streets, American girl lovin’ it


Controversial and notorious VJ from Pakistan was seen now a days in Vegas streets, America. As we are well familiar, anything can happen, where Waqar Zaka is present. Tricky Waqar’s trick turns American girl raising slogans as  “Jeeyay Pakistan” in the streets. This all was well  captured by Waqar Zaka himself.


Zaka has massive follwers as his daring talks and thrills made more of it. The video clip made by VJ himself, begins as he is travelling in a public conveyance and mingles with the travelers as they were old friend of him, as Zaka is well in doing it.

Zaka doing it as host of the video went on asking questions to his co-travelers and were responded well. The Americans seems quite happy with Zaka, as the female found Zaka as ‘sexy’ and ‘cute’.


The boyfriend of the girl was never so happy as her GF seems to be more happier with Zaka than him. Boyfriend tells her girlfriend that he does not speak well, but this wasn’t enough for her. Zaka telling them that his language is Urdu, the girl gets rejoiced while listening the name of Urdu.

Very next to this she raised many of other slogans, as Waqar said him to do, includes “Jeeyay Nawaz Sharif”, “Go Nawaz go”, “Jeeyay Muttahida” and the most worst one was “Nara-e- Chumi” (Slogan for Kiss).


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