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Waqar Zaka in Burma appealing funds for Rohingya Muslims


Controversial but somewhat famous anchor-host Waqar Zaka has appealed the Pakistanis to send him money to be spent for the Muslims of Burma.


The selfie-video up loader and severely embittered on social media due to his manner of presenting himself and his deeds in abroad Waqar Zaka is currently in Burma to witness and help the squalid Rohingya Muslims. In a self-captured video, which he uploaded on a video sharing website, he expressed his purpose of visiting Burma.

He also depicted how he landed in Burma and what impediments were there in his way to his destination. He revealed that how difficult it is to reach Burma and how much he had to spend for the travelling. He deplored the plight of the Rohingay Muslims and said that he would try to sort out why Buddhists are practicing all this brutality.


He claimed that he also captured some of the instances of atrocities being implemented on Rohingya Muslims in Burma. He expressed his covet that he want to get a couple of oppressed Muslims with him to Pakistan. For this purpose, he said that he did not have sufficient money to fulfill his wish of getting few Muslims with him.

So, he appealed in his video asking to send him money through Western Money Transfer so that it may be spent on Rohingya Muslims undisputedly with complete detachment.

Waqar Zaka is a media person in Pakistan who is quite notorious among the public due to his some odd jobs in his programs. Mostly, he is seen carelessly uttering lower standard words which are considered to be used in slangs and in derogatory language.

Here is the Video:

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  1. Well done Waqar Zaka!

  2. Muslims are really slow in standing up for their brothers and sisters in Burma. Why?

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