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Video: Karim Metwaly shows how a girl refused a date after knowing he’s Muslim


The world has been stereotyping, taking it as their by-born right, people doing it so are never guilty and are categorizing people on the basis of color, race, height, gender etc.


Claiming that neutrally, such conspiracies or agendas against anyone are not acceptable by any of the world superiors but taking a clear view it has been becoming part of some cultures, as people are passing it on from one to another, feeling it as mighty success.

Here in the video a boy Kareem Metwaly, who is a young actor and entertainers show the darkest side of life. He shows how he was refused for a date, for just being a Muslim boy. The video is quiet thought provoking as this young guy is “an artist with purpose”.

Stereotyping is nothing new for world and Muslims are not the only victims but some report reveal large number of Muslims are being categorized, stereotyped slammed and even bullied on the reason of just their belonging with religion Islam.


However, not any religion allows such doing with any other religion and the laws of the countries also take such thing as an offence. It’s never taken easily by communities and they are sorting to get rid of it.

The video begins with little introduction from Karim Metwaly about the outrageous incident. And then comes the incident which seems well off but just before girl didn’t knew about boy’s religion. They were all set for the date as formal talks went further after hello/hi. The girl seemed busy so Karim offered to catch-up any other day and asked her mobile number. After asking few of the girlish questions, she went further but when he came to know he’s Muslims, her response was more than worse.


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