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Video: How Americans reacted after trying Rooh Afza this Ramadan


The holy month of Ramadan is underway, and as usual we are stick to same menus at Ifftar to energize our self after not eating or drinking for 16-17 hours.


Some of them are even much popular around the globe as the typical Pakistani recipes. Apart from Pakoras, Rooh Afza is unofficially one of the most preferred drink during Ifttar as it gives freshness to the mind with its spectacular red color and sweet taste.

Following it the U.S Consulate General Karachi Facebook page uploaded the video of their employees tasting Rooh Afza. As expected Americans, who might have been missing this natural taste for long, were all guessing after drinking it but their gestures hints that this was their satisfying experience with Rooh Afza.

U.S Consulate General Karachi uploaded video of their employees trying Rooh Afza on their official Facebook with a caption: We decided to taste #‎Ramzan‬ drink #‎RoohAfza and here are the results.


The hilarious video also shows some of the employees trying to show off their English skills. The reviews of the Americans after drinking Rooh Afza were as follows:

“It smells a little bit like perfume”

“Very clear”

“Wow! that is sweet”

Meetha hay

Ziada cheeni hay yaar

“It’s very like flowery”

“It’s light, it’s sweet, it’s cool”

U.S Cosulate General Karachi via their official Facebook page have always been bringing out ways to get socially intermix with the people of Pakistan. Their earlier videos of learning Pashto dance and listening Taher Shah’s Angel also spread giggles on faces of netizens.


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