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Video: Here is how Americans felt after eating mangoes in ‘desi style’


U.S Consulate General Karachi Facebook page is turning out to be one of the most loved page for Pakistanis as it comes up with new ideas, which abridges Pakistani and American people.


Their last video of trying Rooh Afza in holy month of Ramadan made rounds on social media, and now they are up with another latest one which shows US Consulate employees trying Pakistani mangoes in ‘desi style’.

Pakistani mangoes are quite popular across the globe, and that once again got proved after Queen Elizabeth walked off with Billawal House mangoes in style.

Later, PPP chairman took it to Twitter to tell that Royal family loves his ‘Sindhri mangoes’.

Now there is another buzz, that will double your mango fun. US Consulate employees tried to eat mangoes in ‘desi style’, and it seemed that they seriously loved it.

Americans, who eat mangoes with knife and fork like all other nations, this time tried desi way of eating mango by squeezing it and eating it from the top.

The video has got around 9 lakh views just in a day and has also been shared around 11,000 times on Facebook.

Watch Americans trying Mangoes in ‘desi style’



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