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Talat Hussain lashes out Pak media over disgracing values, promoting ‘Dilwale’


The prominent anchor/political-analyst Talat Hussain bashes Pakistani TV channel which aired Dilwale promotional show where host denied that Pakistanis and Indians are different from each other.


In his famous political show ‘Aham Nuqta’, the famous analysts has highlighted those points where many anchor persons get careless while speaking about India-Pakistan people. Hussain pointed out the remarks made by Shaista Lodhi during talks with Dilwale cast.

Shaista Lodhi stated that people of both the countries are ‘same’, to which Talat illustrated saying there are many countries like Germany, Britian, Scotland, Poland etc, which separated from each other but their people never said such things to each other. Emphasising his stance, Hussain also said that the Indian artists even don’t know much about Pakistan.


He deplored that the show was aired following the day of APS tragedy anniversary and that it was considered ‘Eid Day’ by many who want to see both countries together. Hussain said that no one even cared about the APS tragedy.

Justifying his stance, Hussain also played a clip of Bollywood’s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan where the actor, in a movie, is saying that Indian has always anticipated to establish good relations with Pakistan; however, Pakistan never cooperated, it said.

Here is the clip:

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