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Taher Shah responded over Twinkle Khanna’s tweets, shares idea of song ‘Angel’


Taher Shah’s music video ‘Angel’ braked the internet, social media was flooded with comments and tweets by everyone. Some lauded Shah to bring smiles for many faces and some rebuked him but for sure no body was unable to ignore him.


B-Town actress and Akshey Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna had commented on Taher Shah’s angel.

Khanna said, “Pakistan doesn’t need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on us”.

Another tweet of Twinke Khanna:


Yesterday (Wednesday), Taher Shah was interviewed by many private media houses on his recent hit, in one such interview with Waseem Badami on ARY TV, when Shah was asked by anchor that how he take it when people joked on him, Badmi also told him by reading the tweet twinkle Khanna that she called him ‘Purple Bomb’.

To be very honest, it is very difficult for anyone to lose his composure but Taher Shah never indicated any anger and annoyance on Twinke Khanna’s comment. He said it is her opinion. We attaching the video to show you the answer with gesture of Taher Shah.




In his official swebiste, Taher Shah also shared main idea behindthe song, which he termed as ‘Song Ideology’, Taher Shah said, “Mankind is a beautiful “Angel”. Loneliness, love, and children are the key elements in his life. Life is god’s gift, loneliness itself is a lesson, Love is heaven and children are “Angels”. These three aspects all have the same meaning that humans should spread love, in loneliness express love then for their children and the world. Since “Angel” like love truly is life’s actual meaning and beauty with this in mind I created the poetry and wrote this song “Angel”.


In the most important symbol of almighty God is that Mankind is truly an “Angel” himself, the only thing is that he has to analyze himself and search for the “Angel” in his own conscience. Some humans are found in solitude, some in love, and all will find “Angels” within their children. As I found my Beautiful “Angel”. Children are a blessing for parents that God has granted us which is priceless and a unique gift in the form of an “Angel”. This is way I kept the name of the song “Angel”. The reason is that since the beginning of time all humans are like “Angels” that is why we humans have “Angel” life, love and respect and express it from the core of over heart to each other. In my song the highlighted message is the same that all human beings should exchange “Angel” like love and emotions while being “Angel” like humans. This is also the reason that the poetry of the song has focused on loneliness, love, and children. This is a message for all mankind that an “Angel” is a flower like fragrance filled with love, so that all humans can act as flowers with each other and spread “Angel” like love, Humans are flower like “Angels” and love should be their recognition because the beauty of life is love. All humans’ internal and external elements should be like an “Angel” and spread their essence like a flower as an “Angel” along with all of the world’s entre value with respect like flowers so all “Angel” like humans together can make their own and family world heavenly. If a human’s dignity and expression is like an “Angel” then a human can completely become a whole-hearted “Angel”.

With this belief that all of you will agree with my vision and will admire my thoughts in the form of this “Angel” song. Throughout the world to all my fans from the bottom of my heart I would request you all to Unite together with me and become “Angel” like humans and value humanities worth and diffuse love throughout the world. Like all of you humans are like “Angels” I am also like an “Angel”.

With Love and Respect


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