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Syrian child ‘Adi Hudea’ surrendering to camera


Syria – the country of fertile plains, high mountains, deserts and a place of various civilizations – is now facing the threat of terrorism and violence. But what is most important in Syria today, is the picture of a 4-year Syrian little girl raising her hands and surrendering to camera assuming it was a weapon.


The picture was first published in January 2015 in Turkiye Newspaper of Turkey but no one took notice at that time. Thanks to social media where the picture began to go viral. But what is the story behind it?

Last week, a Gaza based photojournalist Nadia Abu Shaban tweeted this image. Around 11,000 retweeted just after the tweet as: “I’m actually weeping”, “unbelievably sad”, and “humanity failed.” Some commented that Abu Shaban wants to take credit by spreading this fake picture. However, Abu Shaban clearly said that she had not taken the photo herself and could not explain who had.

The BBC traced down the photographer, Osman Sagirli, a Turkish photojournalist who confirmed that photo was taken in December 2015 at a refugee camp in Syria. He said it was published by the Turkiye Newspaper where he was working.

Sagirli said, “I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon. I realized she was terrified after I took it, and looked at the picture, because she bit her lips and raised her hands. Normally kids run away, hide away their faces or smile when they see a camera.”

The name of the girl is ‘Adi Hudea’ who is living in a refugee camp near Turkish border with her mother and two siblings. “You know there are displaced people in the camps,” Sagirli told the BBC. “It makes more sense to see what they have suffered not through adults, but through children. It is the children who reflect the feelings with their innocence.


Adi Hudea in Turkiye Newspaper

Adi Hudeaa

In English: Name Adi Hudea, currently only four year old.

Face of a sudden declines. Squeeze the lower lip between his teeth gently raises his hands in the air. Where it stays like that without a word. His arms to comfort the child who thinks the camera is not at all easy rectified.Name Hudek, then 4 years old … yet lost his father in the bombing at Hama. Syrian mother and three brothers have taken refuge in camps on the border with Turkey Atmen.


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