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Stylish Muslim student wearing Sherwani kicked out of Trump rally in Michigan


Donald Trump making inroads to claim Republican Presidential nomination and  after Super Tuesday  his prospect are brighter more than ever. However, his policy  regarding Expat and Muslims  during his speeches and interviews raising concerns in the mentioned communities, it also manifests whenever they got chance.  


Yesterday, during rally in Michigan, Muslim student Saqib Javed shout out loud during Trump speech,  ” Not all Mexicans are rapists! Not all Muslims are terrorists!”

Saqib recorded through mobile camera recorded 1 minute clip, in which it can be seen Trump is speaking to the audience and he started shouting loud, ” Not all Muslim are terrorits! Not all Mexicans are rapists!”, as soon he started screaming people nearby him started staring at him and started shouting, ‘get him out of here’. After that rally security persons showed him way out.




“Not all Mexicans are rapists not all Muslims are terrorist”Trump rally… Got kicked out

Posted by Sayed Saqib Hussain Javed-Radawi on Friday, March 4, 2016


Video: Courtesy AJ+

How to Get Kicked Out of a Trump RallyLong hair, don’t care: This guy explains his glamorous exit from a Trump rally.

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, March 4, 2016


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