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Sizzling Sunny Leone makes everyone sweat with her gym exercise (Video)


Sunny Leone is the most googled personality of India, every Indian would have his/her own point of view of liking Leone but her recent interview with host Bhupendra Chaubey showed a new and bright side to India. Since then many B-town stars have been voicing in support of the former porn actress.


But apart from this, Sunny is once again winning the hearts, and this time for her core strength as the vibrant actress have been putting some videos of her gym exercises on social media which made even the gym guys sweat with shame as Sunny’s power and endurance shown in this tough exercise video meets no companion.

Recently, she has been posting her exercise videos on Twitter with telling her fans how difficult they are, amid all this she also got into a social media banter with Uday Chopra, who asked her for a competition at some point.


Here is the pic which she posted these days about her gym work:


A fan of him also asked that was she crying during the exercise as the picture above posted tells that it was something wrong with Leone during this tough exercise.


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