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Shiraz Uppal praises AR Rahman’s largesse in Nadia Khan Show


The Pakistani singer, songwriter and musician, Shiraz Uppal, in a recent episode of the Nadia Khan Show has praised AR Rahman for helping in time of need when he was fighting back in the US to restart his music career.


In the recent episode of the Nadia Khan Show, Shiraz Uppal shared his experienced how much troubles were faced by him when he was in America where he bought a restaurant franchise that soon went into loss and he had to come back in Pakistan. Shiraz told to Nadia Khan that when he was coming back to Pakistan then he had just $500 and he was deciding to buy back the entire music instrument. But he had not enough money for all this.

“I then called my two to three best friends to lend me some money. They promised me to arrange for the amount in a day or two without asking for my bank account. Late on, I called them again to give my bank account but they never attended. They were the billionaires and the amount that I was asking for was just like Rs. 5000 for them”, Shiraz said. Lastly, I decided to move to a person and asked him to lend me money that I will pay back in six months. Within next five minutes, the amount was in my account. And that person who helped me at the eleventh hour was AR Rahman.


AR Rahman was the man who helped me when I was deciding to restart everything, said Shiraz. Telling further about the generosity and big heart of AR Rahman, Shiraz said I was unable to repay the loan in agreed 6 months and got an extension of further two months. After a total of 8 months when I went to pay back the money, there were tears in AR Rahman’s eyes for keeping my promise. He had refused to take it back and asked me, “Keep it as a gift from your Guru.”

Shiraz Uppal praises AR Rahman in Nadia Khan Show


Shiraz Uppal in Nadia Khan Show – Complete


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