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Shehbaz Sharif replies Ali Zafar’s ‘Orange Train’ budget question


The ‘Rockstar’ Ali Zafar has been quite vibrant on different topics all around as he is one of the most active men of Pakistan, who even holds huge number of followers abroad.


Recently he was quite busy with his cricket mode as he was assigned as the ambassador for Pakistan Super League and also spread the fun with his magical voice as he sang the PSL song.

Beside this, he has also been quite active in social causes as he has several times joined Imran Khan to collect fund for initiating branches of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital around Pakistan.

The above mentioned about Zafar is to explicate about his interest towards people of Pakistan and their road way to prosperity.

Recently, Zafar asked a question from Chief Minister of Punjab  Shehbaz Sharif regarding the approved budget for Orange Train Lahore and for other real time issues like health and Education.

Particularly, Zafar shared a graph to CM Punjab, showing him budgets for different projects and asking him that were these stats validate or not.

CM Punjab, who is also known as ‘Khadam-e-Punjab’ replied to Zafar rapidly and also shared his own written article over Orange Line Train Lahore.

Here is the view of question/Answer between Ali Zafar and Shehbaz Sharif:







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