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Shashi Tharoor’s speech at Oxford Union Debate goes viral


Shashi Tahroor excellently contented and argued with justification why Britain owes reparations for its exploiting the subcontinent during colonial rule.


Shashi Tharoor, who is Congress MP as well as a writer, delivered a remarkable speech in Oxford Union debate – a debating society in the city of Oxford having a worldwide reputation for its debate. The speech went viral on social media soon after it was held on May 28 in Oxford Union.

All the points put across brilliantly with the convincing power of the speaker who pointed out the major points in a quite nice manner, which is why the speech video went viral on social media.

In that day’s debate, the topic was that: “This House Believes Britain Owes Reparations to her Former Colonies” on which eminent speakers belonging to Ghana and Jamaica including Tharoor spoke in favouring the topic; however, Britain and American speakers held the stance in opposition.

As Tharoor’s speech was elaborated and teem with illustrations, it was soon commended all over India. He gave examples to prove how and why colonial rule used the subcontinent, and how atrocity and racism were the order of that era.


‘It is a bit rich to oppress, enslave, kill, torture, maim people for 200 years and then celebrate the fact that they are democratic at the end of it. We were denied democracy, so we had to snatch it, seize it from you,” he explained accompanied with load appreciation from the attendees.

One of the remarkable points of his speech was his using humour while pin pointing the major points to prove his views. It was a great example of his humour when he said, “The Sun couldn’t set on the British empire, because even God couldn’t trust the English in the dark.”

He also argued against the oppositions point of view quite impressively.

Well, it would not be appropriate to mention all the points here and you should listen the rest of the speech for better understanding and I bet that you will surely enjoy the way Shashi delivered a marvellous speech in front of Britains.

Here is the Speech:

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