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Shafaat Ali receives threats over mimicking Pakistani politicians


Shafaat Ali, the young Pakistani entertainer & mimic has been entertaining the viewers on TV since long at different private channels. Now after recognizing the power of social media, Ali is posting different videos on Facebook and Twitter, which have successfully taken the internet by storm.


He is also the host of a comedy show at a private channel and has also recently joined famous TV channel Geo.

The enthusiastic entertainer is expert in mimicking various politicians.

In his latest interview with Dawn Images, Shafaat Ali has told that he’s receiving threats over mimicking Pakistani politicians.

“I haven’t received one but countless threats [for my impersonations]. Just recently I received a tweet from Senator Saeed Ghani, an affiliate of Pakistan People’s Party, asking me to steer clear of Bhutto impersonations, and that upset me because people here still don’t understand comedy. We belong to the entertainment industry and I don’t know why politicians take it so seriously,” told Shafaat.



Watch some of the famous videos of Shafaat Ali below:





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