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Selfie can disclose the secrets of your personality


 It is a common craze now a days among the people especially youth to take selfies all the time but a recent study has revealed that your style of taking selfie can disclose various secrets of your personality.


In a recent research study conducted by Nanyang Technological University Singapore, it is revealed that the pose of taking selfie, the place from where it is taken and even the angle of  selfie can bring forward several aspects of a person’s personality.

Experts said that face expressions, emotions and other personality secrets can be judged through selfie.


It is stated in the research that if a person looks happy and smiling in a selfie then such people can accord in every condition and are kind hearted and co-operative as well.

The people who takes selfie of below their face are able to get adjust in all kind of circumstances.

 Similarly the people who are crazy to take  selfies in public places seem to be very honest.

Duck face selfie takers can be confused due to certain reasons.

Experts also claim that selfies can reveal more different aspects of a personality of a person than any other ordinary pic because they control the camera by themselves.

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