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Sanam Saeed’s new funny Ufone ad goes viral on social media


Ufone’s new commercial makes everyone laugh after its funny direction and the usual way of manifesting the offers.


 Like always, Ufone entertains its clients and viewers with its new funny commercial starring Sanam Saeed and the Mikaal Zulfiqar.

The ad shows Sanam playing a seemingly meek housewife blows her top the moment Mikaal (acting husband) asks her about the money he gave her last week. To this, Sanam lets loose her control and blows him using martial arts techniques.

New ad. Coming soon. One of my favourite Co stars. Sanam Saeed.


A photo posted by Mikaal Zulfiqar (@mikaalzulfiqar) on

She thrashes poor Zulfiqar and trashes their house in the proceeding.   The video of the commercial goes viral on social media shortly after its being uploaded on video sharing site.   Meanwhile, the cellular company, Ufone, is famous in producing such ridiculous and funny adds. Every time, they offers some new packages for their clients, they come with unique, funny and engaging commercial in a nutshell.   Mikaal Zulfiqar is an old champ in Ufone team for commercials and he is always seen in a funny style in these commercials.  

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