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Salman Khan threatens to quit Twitter over fans’ degrading SRK, Aamir Khan


Exasperated of being recurrently compared with SRK and Amir Khan with low arguments, the B-town megastar Salman Khan threatened to quit his social media account.


After the three iconic stars patched up their relationship a year ago, they seem to be sticking up for one another. In this case, the muscular icon Salma stood up for his co-stars.


It was obvious that Salman was upset with fans continuously bickering over who the is ‘No.1’ star and requested them to stop the disliking. He threatened to leave Twitter if the hating didn’t end.

Salman Khan, who is known for his calmness and kindness, asked his fans to spread love amongst each other and ditch hatred.


He also explained that it wasn’t about being the leading star among other, but rather it was about their congenial relationship and he did not want his followers to disappoint him by tweeting inappropriate comments about his co-stars.

After threatening, explaining and disapproving the remarks, the megastar left the fate of his Twitter account in the hands of his followers and fans. He also requested the fans to change their way of seeing things for the better and asked those who refused to do so to unfollow him.


Recently, as Salman was under the hot water after being declared convicted in hit and run case, Shah Rukh and Aamir paid him visit offering support in the matter.

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