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Restaurant  in Islamabad lambasted on social media over sexist ads


‘Table No 5’, a restaurant in the federal capital has been bashed at its weird advertisement objectifying woman to sell sandwich.



Although weird and women objectifying ads are quite common everywhere in the world, such explicit offering in a sort of conservative country Pakistan is what makes critics to fire at the restaurant.

“If she won’t make you a sandwich, we will” and “I don’t hate women, they just refuse to make me a sandwich,” are couple of lines used by the restaurant to provoke ‘hunger’ in customers especially men.


The restaurant even drew a chart to equalizing woman and sandwich when it offers: “Choose happiness, choose a sandwich’.



“What Table No 5 thinks is a quick and smart strategy to get attention by gas lighting women and feminists is deeply problematic… humour at the expense of an identity that is historically subjugated, is not houmour – it is another form of oppression,” commented by Girls at Dhabas’ a site which now exists on Facebook, Bumblr, Twitter and Instagram seeking to create public space for women.


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Posted by Girls at Dhabas on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On the other hand, the restaurant seems to have taken all the reproach as its stride:

“A lot of people have been calling us misogynists over the past few days. I guess we started off on the wrong foot. We don’t have anything against the ladies; in fact we’re grateful to them. It’s because they stopped making sandwiches that we got the opportunity to open up a sandwich joint in town. So, thanks ladies!” Reacted the restaurant on a Facebook post.

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