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Reham Khan may join Geo TV: Wild Guess


Once a political show host, then wife of  Pakistan’s second largest political party chief and former Cricketing  great Imran Khan, then Street Children Ambassador KP, then Co-producer of  Romantic-Comedy Film ‘Janaan’ (Movie still in making) and now single mother of three Reham Khan, is about to make a come back  on TV  again.


If you are hoping writer of this piece, will try to bash Imran Khan or Reham Khan then baby you are mistaken, take a life.. I am here only  to give you a breaking news earlier than any one else :)…It is based on my personal observation, thanks to TNT administration that they are allowing me to share my hunch with the readers of this post.


Reason Why I feel Reham Khan will be joining Geo TV


  1. In her first official interview to Sunday times , she was although quite furious on Pakistani electronic meida how media single outed her and blamed her on divorce however in an interview she also said,’  “I have to make up for loss of income.” Here here is the simple reason, Why Reham will be joining Geo TV.There is history of Imran Khan and Jang-Geo group you must have idea of boycotts and biased reporting stuff etc.Geo group can settle old score and have money to meet the demand, Reham can demand as much as she can and will have freedom to have go at Imran Khan in her defence or else.


  2. Mubashar Luqman tweeted a day ago in which he asked from his followers to guess who is joining Geo TV, and I am sure every one knows how much Mr. Luqman loves Geo News, and his remarks on Reham Khan after divorce  (   He has interviewed couple after marriage very first time)  and it is quite obvious why would care if any   ordinary was about to join Geo TV.

3.  Geo/Jang UK correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah via his Twitter account have shared some exculise photos and videos of Reham Khan recent activities in London like her meeting with Noble prize winner Malala Yousfzai and then APS attack survivor Ahmad Nawaz.  Third reason is quite funny but it is how I am seeing it for me it is not  coincident the question if Reham wanted to go public she should have invited other media outlets person to cover her activity, why Geo only ?



4. Geo News in 9 pm bulletin ran a report  which revealed Reham has decided to file defamation case against his first husband Dr.Ejaz Rehman, ” Dr Ejaz by coming on media Defaming Reham Khan and portying her negative image”, Lawyer of Reham Khan, Aslam Sheikh said. Thing is it is again lawyer of Reham Khan talking exculsiy to Geo news.



5  ‘On the Front Line’ show hosted by Kamran Shahid, in his latest show, after asking a serious question to the panelist of his show, ‘Is ISIS has footings in Pakistan?, shifted his gears and ask another very very serious question, ‘Did Paksitan media bashed Reham Khan in a last year or so”?, Well without going  into  any detail how panelists  demonized separated couple or single out any one, ( To be fair to Reham, her argument holds weight both couple got divorced twice, not only Reham),  one of panelist Salman Ghani said, she will come to Pakistan and join a media group.


Listen the clip from 10 min to 28 minutes:



That is all for the day , I am not sure my hunch will be right or wrong but what I am sure about is that, If Sheikh Rasheed could be spared after saying his famous lines during dharna days which went  horribly wrong by the way  , ‘Kurbani say pehlay Kurbani’, then why I am worried?


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