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Reham Khan dedicates ‘Tum Saath Ho’ from movie Tamasha to her “good friends”


Reham Khan has become one of the most talked about personality of Pakistan, after her separation with Imran Khan, she has been hawk-eyed by the media, even her daily tweets have also become headlines from several days.


As yesterday, Reham tweeted poetical verses this also came into light and even it was shown by the several media channels in the most important headlines of the day.


The main question about her recent activities is how someone perceived them as she is under the controversial radar and seems that people opposing her are always finding some faults in the ideas she used to uphold.

On the very similar hand, many of her followers and anonymous supporters are praising thinking and ideas of the former BBC journalist.


Except all this, another question, which has become one of the ‘most asked questions’ is ‘Which Channel Reham Khan will be joining after returning to Pakistan?’

However, till today no confirmation from Reham Khan has been made, however, the people with ‘guess’ and ‘sources’ are claiming about her joining in different channels.

Reham Khan, who is quite active on Twitter today dedicated a soundtrack ‘Tum Saath Ho’ from Ranbeer-Deepika’s upcoming Bollywood film Tamasha to her “good friends”.


The thing to wait for is that will this tweet will be making the place into headlines plus how the analysts be interpreting it.


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