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Racism in Australia: The video will bring tears in your eyes


We think that its 21st century and we are progressing, thrashing all the previous mind sets and narrow rituals we all have grown wise and have absorbed or got familiar with multi-cultural phenomena. But actually some minds can’t be changed. It’s not about ridiculing a single one or accusing any specific one for it, all of us are some way behind the racial discrimination in the world.


A video by Adelaide-based entertainer Brooke Roberts proves that racism is still with us and all the people vowing to eradicate this social disaster were just faking it.

This video shows a busy street, where two men of different colors stood blindfolded in the street to have a social experiment.

Both the men, one was white and other was black stood in the same location during busy periods in a street along with a sign board with them, where it was written: “I trust you. Do you trust me?”


The results of this experiment were clearly proving the point of racism. As the boy with fairer complexion got positive outcomes, as over  the course of three and half hours he was being approached by 12 people, out of them 10 hugged him which means supported him, one adjusted for handshake and one of the guy was up with negative mark over his standing in the middle of the walkway.

On the other hand, the boy with dark complexion also stood under the same condition, with same placard and in same manner. But the results were quite different as this guy even after standing for double the time more than the white complexioned guy wasn’t able to get any hug. Although, few eyebrows were raised at the black guy.

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