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PTI, PML-N makes Twitter war-zone over Salman Shahbaz’s old footage run by PTV


Yes this is an age of social media, where political parties every now and then, tries to propagate agendas and maligns their political opponents.


On Tuesday, PTI chairman in his two tweets, severely criticized PML-N led government by asking what Salman Shahbaz ( Son of CM Punjab) is doing on the official visit of PM Nawaz to Saudia? Is Pakistan has monarchy?

In his second tweet, commenting on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Imran Khan said,”One major reason for CPEC becoming controversial is Salman Sharif & family sitting in on all meetings in China. Is it all about business deals?



About an hour after PTI chairman tweets, MD PTV Mohammad Malick, through his tweeter handle cleared the air by admitting that PTV had ran old footage of PM Nawaz’s previous visit of and also apologised for the confusion created by old clips.


Here comes the response of PML-N via Maryam Nawaz official Twitter handle, Stop lying Mr.Khan,  Accusing PTI chairman of blatant lie, said Salman Shahabaz is in Lahore, he should apologise.

” Actually no one kicks a dead horse. The political scions that Mr. Khan keeps targeting are more popular than IK & bunch combined. Any day!






After Maryam Nawaz, Salman Shahbaz tweeted that he has never saw a bigger lair than Imran Khan, he is not part of delegation.



War continues on Tweeter, Imran Khan again tweeted, “On Salman Sharif in KSA mtgs: One: he just admitted he went on earlier official trips to KSA. My question remains: in what capacity”?

“PTV MD’s admission PTV played outdated clips proves how state-run TV. projects Sharif family mbrs who hold no official position”.


MD PTV Mohammad Malik again tweeted to cool down temperature,


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