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PTI chairman Imran Khan offers re-elections of KP local polls like he recalls Srikkanth as a Captian


The 62 year old Chairman of PTI is still believed to be as enthusiastic and energetic as young guy in its teen. No doubt his determination and his leading abilities are well pronounced as courageous, even by his enemies. His fans on social sites call him as the ‘bravest man’ ever exist on the surface of Earth.


Imran Khan the cricketer turned politician has million followers across the globe, his determination is even exampled as formation of Shaukat Khanum Hospital by Imran Khan, his struggle is noted as he led Pakistan to win their 1st and only World Cup in 1992. If you look at past of Khan, on his debut in Test cricket he was severely criticised and was dropped out from the team.

This time the two videos of Khan were inter-linked and this is even more rejoiced by his followers, raising slogans in respect of their leader.

As the Local Government Polls were held in KP on 3oth May, many causalities were reported and rigging allegations were also raised against PTI led government. Imran Khan talking to media told that he is ready to hold re-elections in KP, as the rigging allegations were raised. He further noted these elections as the biggest elections of the Pakistan’s history, around 84,000 candidates contested in the polls and 41,000 were elected.


Video: Imran Khan talking with media, says we are ready to hold re-elections in KP

The current video is linked with  a cricket match video between Pakistan and India, where Srikanth the  batsman from Indian side was given LBW  on the delivery bowled by ‘Burewala Express’ Waqar Younis. The batsman become astonished with the decision of umpire and started walking angrily towards the dugout. Imran Khan , captain of Pakistan side of that time called Srikanth back, and told him to carry on his innings. On the very next delivery bowled by Waqar, Srikanth got caught behind, this time he moves with satisfaction. This example is often highlighted as one of the biggest example of ‘sportsman spirit’.

Video: Imran Khan calls back Srikanth to bat, when he was given out by umpire

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