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PIA officials dancing in cockpit has gone viral [Video]



“Great people to fly with”, yeah, this is the company slogan of national flag carrier airline of Pakistan. You would have always been searching for the greatness of the Pakistan International Airways officials, but you wouldn’t have observed it before you have become the ‘victim’ of it.


But you wouldn’t have to search too long to find them notorious or a pivotal reason behind in any wrongdoing. Not recalling much from the past, just looking at some ‘greatness’ from last month or two would be sure to acquire the greatness of the people.


From five top officials of PIA holding fake degrees to PIA official beating a passenger for asking cause of delay in flight to a pilot on duty was drunk, is this all enough to know the greatness of the people who are one of top paid officials of Pakistan.

But where we have the latest update about the oozing ‘greatness’ of the PIA officials, yeah a video of a PIA official or pilot dancing while standing in the cockpit of a plane has gone viral. The anonymous video does’nt tells the reason of the official dancing in the cockpit. However, that might be enough to let many know about the professionalism of the great people.


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