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Peshawar local Salaheen Khan wears 250 Tola Gold


PESHAWAR: Salaheen Khan, 21, resident of Peshawar is obsessed with Gold. In a report made by Private t.v channel. Khan is seen wearing 250 Tola gold  of armlet, bracelet and chain.


While speaking to a reporter, Khan said, from  his childhood when was in class 2 or 3 wearing the chains, initially it was artificial gold chains.

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Salaheen hired the guards and also keeps the arm  to avoid any theft.





Current rate of 1 Tola is Rs 46,200. As per prevailing rate, Salaheen Khan wears the gold  costing him more than 1 crore Pakistani rupee. To be exact with the help of calculator, exact price of gold is Rs 1155,0000.




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