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Pervez Musharraf blames Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for damaging Pakistan


The former Pak Army Chief and the Presidnet of Pakistan General (R) Pervez Musharraf has blamed Dr. Abdul Qadeer for providing immense loss to Pakistan.


In a talk show of Such TV ‘Aain aur Awam’ hosted by Azeem Chaudhary, Pervez Musharraf said A.Q.Khan who is the hero of Pakistan, infact who was the hero of mine as well. But after that what he did, had produced great loss for Pakistan. Now he (A.Q.Khan) is on TV and in books blaming me for all these. Let’s forget it! In short, I’ll say, he was the person for casuing great loss to Pakistan.

He also reminded Dr. A.Q.Khan that he is living in full-proof security because of me. I (Musharraf) protected him. He is secure in Pakistan because of me. While he is blaming me for the current situation.

However, Pervez Musharraf didn’t clear about Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan of how he produced loss to his country. The discussion then turn towards the proliferation of weapons and nuclear plants and the Pak-America relations during Musharraf’s era.


On 4 July 2008, in an interview, Qadeer Khan laid the blame on President Musharraf and later on Benazir Bhutto for transferring the technology, claiming that Musharraf was aware of all the deals and he was the “Big Boss” for those deals. Abdul Qadeer Khan said that, “Musharraf gave centrifuges to North Korea in a 2000 shipment supervised by the armed forces. The equipment was sent in a North Korean plane loaded under the supervision of Pakistan security officials.”

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  1. I fully support Musharaf, his wise decisions right after 911 sved Pakistan from what was a sureshot line of fire situation as I was in the US and you have no idea how close Pakistan came to being the object of US anger and revenge, now in hindsight some people can sit here and crow about Musharaf capitulating, I tell you he had no choice, it was a very very serious situation that was deflected deftly by his leadership, not only did he deflect it, but actually gave prominence to Pakistan’s position vizaviz local powers.

    Qadeer Khan is a despicable traitor, how he tried to selll Nuclear secrets to Iran and Libya. This shameful man came on TV to confess, and it was Musharafs mistake to pardon him, he should have handed him over to the US or the International tribunal at the Hague for his criminal behavior.

  2. Mushraff let in a lot of losers. These guys dragged him down. Shakut Aziz, the notorious pimp of the middle east with a rolodex of prostitutes to serve the appetites of the sleazy royal families did not help help him. The problem with Pakistan is that the feudals still control the country and that’s why Pakistan will never succeed unless they enforce land reform and get rid of this monopoly. Saudi Arabia supports Pakistan because they too empathize with the lifestyle of the .5% stealing resources from the rest of the population. Pakistan needs to clean house the sooner the better.

  3. Pakistan is a international paraiah, only those fools living in Pakistan are wondering how Qadeer Khan hurt Pakistan, unbelievable these people are so clueless, no one wants to give Pakistan uranium like India is getting from Australia or nuclear plants like US is giving India for starters, the ones we are getting from China are not that advanced, because of Qadeer Khan Pakistan lost its credibility all over the world and has become a laughing stock and no one trusts its nuke assets as safe. Who are these fools who still think Qadeer Khan is a hero? he was selling state secrets for dollars….

  4. These are complicated issues. You are better off waiting a few decades before truth comes out which eventually always does. Both Musharraf and AQ Khan have served Pakistan in their own way.

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