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New login page of Twitter offers various advertising categories


Twitter has evolved its login page with a new look that brings together images from its most famous users to keep you informed about frequent topics like world politics, movie gossip, tech news, and apparently – spandex-clad butts.


The new look, crafted to infatuate the great number of people who browse the site to really create an account, attributes a variety of categories from ‘general news sources’ to ‘cute animals,’ each one supported by a recently tweeted image.


Twitter confirmed to the Verge that the image displayed in each tile is plainly the most recently tweeted image in each category. The categories only attribute tweets from recognized sources, including pop stars, TV actors, and The Verge itself, but did not have any concern of the images that emerge on the site’s front-page, there’s no telling what people will come across when they sign up for an account.

It the company is looking for attracting the sort of users that have taken off from making an account for almost a decade, it may need to put a bit more thought into the sort of public front it shows.

Meanwhile, Twitter is one of the most frequently used social networking sites developed during the first decade of the twenty-first century.

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