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Neelam Munir expresses her utmost feelings to Wasi Shah in ‘Syasi Theater’


Neelam Munir is one of the young-attractive Pakistani actress and model, who appears on Hum Tv, Geo TV and ARY Digital drama. She is well recognised in the industry because of the naturally granted beauty, mole near her lips makes her more attractive.


She with her successful efforts in the industry has now become heartthrob of many hearts, widely recognised as Til Wali(one having mole) among her fans and followers.

Neelam Munir arrives as guest in Wasi Shah’s ‘Syasi Theather’ show, which is the presentation of Express News. As we all are well aware the girls get their first crush with the writer or poet they are going through and when we are talking about Syed Wasi Shah, well known poet, dramatist, anchor, no doubt many of girls would have desired him.


This time another ‘contestant’ trying her best to impress her, yeah that was Neelam Munir. On a question asked about love by host Wasi Shah, She replied that yet she have not made it, although she told has deep affection with poetry. She added that she might have fallen in love now onwards, as today she have met her favorite poet.

She also told Wasi Shah about the moment when she liked him most, shy poet replies as thanking her compliment.
When the young actress was asked about her hobbies, she answered as i read yours (Wasi Shah’s) poetry.



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