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NA 122 campaign: Hamza Shahbaz’s address to the vacant chairs goes viral


The political arena of NA-122 is all set, political champs are all in persuading the voters to make them win so they could gain the unofficial title of “King Of Lahore”.


Without any hesitation, Lahore is the ‘political hub’ of Pakistan’s in regime government PML-N but PTI claims they will be thrashing all such perceptions and will secure win in the constituency.

PTI’s candidate for NA-122 Aleem Khan is also busy in election camaign alongwith other PTI leaders, including Chairman Imran Khan.

On the other hand, PML-N’s campaign is also underway, their contender Ayaz Sadiq seems to posses more ‘power’ than PTI’s Aleem Khan in the constituency.


A video from NA-122 campaign of Ayaz Sadiq has gone viral and have bound to raise many eyebrows. In the video, PML-N’s MNA and son of  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz Sharif is seen castigating his political rivals of PTI in a corner meeting.

The most shocking part of video is that the more than 90% of the chairs are vacant, while Hamza is addressing but this is something which wasn’t able to demotivate Hamza.


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