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Mumtaz Qadri’s supporter throws shoe at Pervaiz Rasheed


Although, the Government officials have taken the media on the board following Mumtaz Qadri’s execution but still the events and incidents regarding Qadri are floating on social media.


Out of all the incidents one have gone viral, and this one is regarding the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting. In this two minute video Rasheed is seen sitting at a passengers lounge at Karachi Airport, where he witnesses the rage hurling slogans on him and his party head Mian Nawaz Sharif.

The protesters looked quite angry and raised several slogans against the government and Minister Perviaz Rasheed. Following all such inconvenience, the Minister stood up from his seat and tried to move out of the scene. Amid all this, an unidentified person from the mob threw shoe at the minister which might have hit him on the head.


In the video, it can be clearly seen that security officials tried to interrupt in the scene to rescue the Minister and meanwhile after the shoe was thrown towards Minister, the security officials rescued him to avoid any worsen situation.

This is not the only video, which is surfacing regarding Rasheed’s face-to-face with Qadri’s supporter at Karachi Airport as series of videos have arrived from the scene. In one of the video, PML-N Minister is seen sitting around the group of Qadri’s supporter, who forced him to change his stance over what he have said earlier. But the Federal Minister stood firm on his stance and answered different questions asked by the followers of Qadri.

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