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Mumtaz Qadri’s son and father videos after funeral


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Mumtaz Qadri, killer of Salman Taseer was hanged to death several days back, yesterday huge number of his followers countrywide performed his last rituals at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi.

The scenes were not captured by the electronic media as they were recommended by the higher ups but still the world was able to get the updates and information regarding Qadri’s funeral and other rituals, this all was made possible as social media played their part lauding the muted story.

Many renown scholars were also part of the funeral procession and some of them also addressed the people in grief over Qadri’s death. Qadri was hanged by the authorities early morning on February 29  while keeping it a secret. Sources also add that Qadri’s family was called hours before his execution late in the night.

Qadri’s followers and believers also staged protest at different platforms against the decision of his execution.


All the updates following Qadri’s funeral and other religious ceremonies were wide spread via social media. In all that scenario it won’t be wrong to call that social media turned out to be platform for the people to pass on their message or any details regarding Qadri.

Mumtaz Qadri was arrested after he killed Governor Salman Taseer back in 2011.

After the funeral of Qadri, social media is up with videos of Qadri’s son and father who are seen discussing it about him. In many revolving videos Qadri’s son is also seen reciting  Naats.

Mumtaz Qadri’s son reciting Naat


Mumtaz Qadri’s son reciting near father’s coffin

Mumtaz Qadri’s father talking to group of people

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