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Mumtaz Qadri’s funeral procession in Photos and Videos


The electronic media has dealt Mumtaz Qadri’s matter as a low key affair because of the orders issued by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) but this even has not worked as the social media have played pivotal role in accessing updates following Qadri’s execution.


Many social media pages, representing ‘Sunni’ sect have been quite active over the issue and since yesterday they have been uploading pictures regarding funeral ceremony of Qadri, which was to be held today (Tuesday) 02:00pm at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi.

Several people have also been uploading real time live pictures of Qadri’s procession and from them it can be clearly seen that large number of people countrywide have arrived to attend the funeral of Mumtaz Qadri, killer of Salman Taseer.

Hereby it should also be mentioned that different Islamic preachers and leaders also attended the last rituals of Qadri. Namely, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, Siraj-ul-Haq and Hamid Saeed Kazmi were present in the procession.

Qadri was hanged in Adiala Jail early on Monday morning according to the sources. The matter of Qadri’s execution was kept secret and following it the electronic media was also restrained from showing the protests and mobs to the viewers.

Here are the pictures of Mumtaz Qadri revolving on Social media:





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Videos of Mumtaz Qadri:




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