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Money laundering rumours are baseless: Actress Saba Qamar


Controversies are not a new or odd things for celebrities especially when the celebrity is a female and belongs to Pakistan, but for a couple of weeks, we have been encountered with ‘Money Laundering’ case of supermodel Ayyan Ali.


As the assumptions allegedly put a couple of political ‘big giants’ on a suspicion, this time it is another model-actress, Saba Qamar, who is dragged out to face the same sort of case.

According to an Urdu newspaper Jahaan-e-Pakistan, the Federal Investigation Agency had begun investigating Saba Qamar for money laundering. Responding to this rumour, the model issued a statement in a no time denying any such thing.


“I haven’t received any calls from the concerned authorities, and the people who are behind this baseless propaganda are the same as those who are jealous of my success and popularity,” said the actress.


“I have previously chosen to ignore such propaganda against me and will do so again. I have made a name for myself in this industry and country by hard work and will continue doing so,” she added.


About the allegations that she made ‘numerous’ foreign tours, the actress emphatically said that she was recently spotted in Dubai for Hum TV Awards 2015, that too after a spam of five years. Clarifying her position, she said that the last place she visited was Bangkok and that was in 2010.


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